Importing Azure bacpac file to SQL server

Sql server can import data directly from Sql Azure. Unfortunately, often we are not given access to production environment and this option is unsuitable.
Only SQL Server 2012 supposed to be able to import bacpac files to a local SQL Server. However, in the current beta release importing Azure's bacpac files simply does not work.

Here is what I did to restore Azure bacpac file into my local sql server:
1. Upload bacpac file to some blob container.
2. Use Azure Management portal to import this file to a new sql azure database.
3. Use Sql Server Import Data function to get data from Sql Azure database.

As a side note, Import and Export functions are not available in the Management Portal preview, you should use old 'silverlight' portal to do that.

Posted by: Boris Lipschitz
Last revised: 27 Jul, 2012 06:20 AM


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